What To Avoid Consuming When Pregnant?

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Pregnant women are instructed to give a lot of care to what they eat or drink. This is because the nutrients and components of these, are what flows to the baby, thus affecting the child’s formation and growth process on the whole. Of course during this time is it also known that they seem to have a lot of cravings as well, and avoiding such cravings becomes really difficult too. But giving priority to what they eat is key, and so here are some things they ought to avoid or minimize consuming, during this period.

Fish with High Mercury

Mercury in general is known to be one of the most harmful chemicals to be exposed to. And it is quite commonly found a lot in water that is polluted. And as the content of this within a person’s body increases, there might be serious damages that could occur to the nervous system, kidney and overall immunity system. Large fish tend to live amongst these polluted seas and so there is a chance where the mercury content within these fish is at a rather high level. And so it is advised by any gynecologist to stay away or limit consuming fish like shark, king mackerel, albacore tuna and swordfish. However, it is alright to consume fish with low mercury levels and it could even be taken 2 times a week.

No Sushi or Raw Fish in General

Sushi has raw fish in it and consuming undercooked meat in general is discouraged. Especially shellfish, because it is said that these may carry a lot of infections that could do a lot of harm to the baby growing inside. Certain infections may only affect the mother, while the others could harm the baby and may even lead to miscarriage or premature birth. And so, bottom line; no sushi or any other raw fish!

No Raw Eggs

Eggs in general are known to be rich with many proteins that are beneficial to the body, but during this period it is advised by any private obstetrician, to stay away from consuming raw eggs because there is a chance where the egg could be infected with salmonella. The effects of these are only known to be experienced by the mother, but sometimes if the effects of these are high, then there is a chance where it could even lead to still birth or miscarriage. And so, this means that no poached eggs, homemade ice cream, homemade mayonnaise, lightly scrambled eggs are to be taken. And if you do want to have them, then make sure to cook them thoroughly. Give priority to what you eat, so that you and your baby can remain healthy and fit during this crucial time.