Water – A Globle Issue

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As the world gets more populated, pollution follows. As pollution spreads, disease follows. It is recognized that unpurified water could lead to diseases such as cholera, typhoid, guinea worm disease, dysentery and many more. That is exactly why the United Nations organization recognized the human right to water and sanitation in 2010 at their annual general assembly. Eleven percent of the world population suffer due to the lack of sanitized drinking water. Therefore, water is just not a commodity, but a luxury that you and I are lucky to enjoy.

Nevertheless, we can still be careful of the water we drink as we can never be one hundred percent certain about its safety unless we see to the safety process. Acid water neutralizer can be used at home, in your office, at the school and pretty much everywhere you go. We can also use the time worn method of boiling water before drinking and also consult the water authority of the area about its safety. A study found out that a human being can go up to seven days without food but only three days without water so it is clear that water is essential for life.
We as humans are made up of seventy percent water. It is essential for the proper function of our system. We can use an acidic water filter to filter our water before consumption. That way, we are sure to drink healthy water and avoid any infectious diseases that spread through water. Just as it is important that we consume safe water, it is important to safeguard water. Out of the world water composition, only three percent can be used for consumption. Most of the water is in the sea, in glaciers and lakes and are not human friendly.
Conservation of water should start at an early age so that we save up enough water for our future generations. Would you be able to imagine a world without water? I doubt it. It is our responsibility as responsible human beings to conserve water for the generations to come. We can start by fixing that tap which has been leaking forever, or take a quick shower instead of the dip in the tub, wash our car when it is only absolutely necessary or stop washing dishes under a running tap. These little measures will save up many gallons of water which will in turn ensure that you have plenty of healthy, sanitized water to consume. In a larger context, you will save water for those who desperately need it – so think about it!