"tea tree oil body piercing"

After getting a piercing, keeping up with the aftercare is crucial to avoid infections. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore the instructions for aftercare or use methods that will irritate the piercing. They choose to use things like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, which actually can cause irritation and dryness in the pierced skin. Alternately, the piercing may be neglected or left to heal on its own, which is just as bad because this may result in infection. There are lots of products one can use for piercing aftercare including products that are organic and natural/ Tea Tree oil is one of these products and has been proven to lessen infection and sooth the piercing after it is initially done.

This essential oil comes from the leaves of the Narrow Leave Paper-back tree which is native to Australia. The leaves of the tree were traditionally used by the aboriginal people to treat coughs, colds, and skin ailments.

To use tea tree oil as piercing aftercare, first make sure that the oil is diluted if the oil is in its purest form. After cleaning the area thoroughly with soap and water and rinsing away residue soap, use a cotton ball and apply the diluted oil solution to the piercing area.  If any irritation occurs, discontinue use of the oil immediately and contact a physician if needed.  

You will discover a multitude of uses of this amazing oil. Take a look at the information we provide here and here.




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