General Things To Do Before You Go To Clinic About Your Feet

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If you have decided that you need to go and see your nearest medical professional to get some professional advice about your feet and some issue that may have been bothering you, there are certain things that are considered generally good steps to take before you make the said visit. We often tend to ignore our feet most of our lives and we only get worried when something seems to not be right which is why it is often easy to not think about these tiny details. So the best time that you visit you medical caregiver about your feet, make sure to go after doing these things.

Make a clear list of all your symptoms

If you are going to meet a foot doctor Hamilton because there have been symptoms that have caused you concern, before you go, make sure that you take the time to sit down and write a list of all the symptoms that you have been experiencing along with how long they persisted for, did they diminish suddenly, is there anything that aggravates the pain if any and is there anything that helps it, how long have the symptoms been there for and when did it first start to happen. It is important that you have all these details to hand because many of us do not remember what to say off the top of our head and that could be the difference between an easy diagnosis and expensive tests that are inconclusive.

Listen to all the advice

The specific clinic’s podiatrists that you consult will start to give you advice after the situation has been assessed. Now you need to pay careful attention and take down notes if you really need to. In addition to this, make sure that if any medication is prescribed, you let them know about any allergies, whether or not you are pregnant or planning to conceive, if there has been any surgeries in the past and the likes. Sometimes all of this information is not required but since you are not a medical professional it is bets to let them decide which ones are needed ad which aren’t. if you have had any laboratory tests and the likes done recently with regards to our current issue, remember to take those reports along as well.

Stay clean

Go in for your appointment well prepared. While it is not necessary to shave your legs, get a pedicure done and bathe in lotion, you will be required to have the courtesy of walking in with washed and cleaned feet that are assessable. Your medical caregiver will appreciate it if they are not able to smell your toes from a mile away.