Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Back Pain.

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There are many treatments out there to treat your back pain, some may work and some might not. Common treatment methods are the use of over the counter medications or consulting a medical professional as a last resort. Again, there are many treatments plans here too, and many people are often confused as to which type of doctor to consult since both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist can deal with this issue. It’s true they are both equally qualified but they are specialized in different ways.

Confused about the best treatment course?

Both professions usually deal with problems related to musculoskeletal problems, but a chiropractor specializes only at this and a physiotherapist specializes in all aspects of an individual’s physical health, that includes spine related problems and an individual’s ability to move with ease.When it comes to back pains, they both focus on the movement in the pelvis and spine, the muscles around it and the neurological control of movement and balance. This brings us to the question, so what exactly is the difference between the two?Well the difference is the mode of treatment, chiropractors are experienced in orthopedic, neurological and functional assessment of the spine so they use both manipulation techniques and non-manipulation techniques depending on the cause of the back pain whereas a physiotherapist is trained to treat spinal problem in general but they don’t necessarily have training in manipulation techniques so they generally resort to non-manipulative treatment plans. Manipulation spine technique is the process where a chiropractor puts pressure on a joint that results in an audible pop sound. So, you see at the end it all comes down to the mode of treatment you prefer. However, if you have a specific issue such as arthritis or sports-related injury then a physiotherapist would be suited for you, if your joints feel locked or you have any sort of pain that came out of the blue and does not seem to go with over the counter medications, then a chiropractor would be your best choice. Many places such as SB Campbelltown chiropractic Centre offer massage services in addition to chiropractic treatment.In general, it’s always a good idea to visit your chiropractor in order to check if there are any issues that are preventing your body from performing well. Moreover, a chiropractor is qualified to act as a dietician in order to give out dietary and lifestyle advice.If you are still confused, then you can try talking to a doctor explaining your issue, they will be able to decide which treatment plan would be the best for your case.

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