How To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

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A decade ago the topic about mental health is often brushed off or not taken very seriously by majority of the people because they would often think that others are just going through some minor issues and would bounce back right away and act as if nothing happened. But nowadays with the rising number of suicide cases being reported by the media it has caused a lot of attention making people more aware about what mental health is all about. People who experienced depression sometimes also think about taking their own lives to put an end to their problems. Some days are pretty easy and some days can be really bad. A lot of people are getting more courage to kill themselves because they are aware that a lot of famous celebrities and personalities have done it as well. If you are going through the same thing as you read this article, below are some guidelines than can help ease your feelings.

1.) Talk to a trusted friend and let that person know what you are going through. Venting out your emotions to somebody that you can always count on will often help you feel better. Invite your friend for a cup of coffee or a movie date to help divert your attention from having suicidal thoughts.

2.) Seek help from the best psychologist or attend one on one depression counselling sessions to help you figure out what is causing you to feel and think that way without any judgment from other people. Feelings and emotions needs to be addressed properly and you will be given a progress report after each session.

3.) Some people who are going through identity crisis and self esteem issues such as bullying can also experience suicidal thoughts. They are encouraged to join acceptance and commitment therapy sessions to help them overcome their current situation. It would be nice to be mentored or counseled by people who are professionally trained to handle these types of situations. Patients become more trusting leading them to open up more about themselves thus making it easier to get to the root cause of their problems.

4.)Make sure that you have the number of all suicide awareness hotlines in your area. If you feel down or extremely depressed and you have no one to talk to, just call the hotlines and trained counsellors will be more than happy to listen to what you have to say.

5.) Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverage at all costs. Though a lot of people drink when they have problems to forget and they also drink when they are happy and just want to have a good time. But alcohol is considered as a downer or depressant in general and it triggers suicidal thoughts for people who suffer from this condition

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