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If you tell someone that you are working at a healthcare center or a medical centre in Townsville, people often consider it as a clinic or a hospital but if you get to take a look at the healthcare industry, there is a lot more to it than the hospitals and clinics. It is because of these specialized medical centers that have brought ease to the hospitals by providing more long term facilities. Here we are going to talk about the types of medical centers you may find and may work at as a healthcare professional. 

Types of Facilities at Medical Centers 

  1. Birth Centers 
    A birth center is a facility that follows the midwifery model for childbirths. The aim to have a medical center that focuses on childbirths is to create an environment that makes it more comfortable for the mother and the baby and is more cost effective.  
  2. Blood Banks 
    Blood banks are a great help in need of urgent need and also storing blood according to the categories to be used by patients as and when required. Blood banks work as a supplier for patients who need it. 
  3. Dialysis Centers 
    Patients who have kidney diseases often need treatments for dialysis that cleans and filters the blood artificially. A regular person who has dialysis requirements needs at least a visit of three times a week, therefore, due to the rising needs of such people, a separate medical  facility is often seen for dialysis. 
  4. Imaging and Radiology Centers 
    Facilities like MRI, CT scans, X – Rays, ultrasounds etc. are needed at all hospitals and the facility for the same is almost seen in every hospital. But having a separate entity that solely provides this facility is more convenient in terms of scheduling patients and is a cost effective option for the people who want to avail such facilities. 
  5. Nursing Homes 
    Nursing homes are commonly seen all over the world that serve the purpose of offering a living situation for patients whose needs are not severe enough to stay at a hospital but too serious to be kept and managed at home. Some nursing homes offer heavier medical needs while others offer a homier atmosphere.  
  6. Ambulatory Surgical Centers 
    Ambulatory Surgical Centers are those centers that allow patients to get surgeries and small procedures done outside the hospitals. The environment that they offer are of course less than what a hospital offers which is why they are less costly and also reduces the risk of exposure to infections. However, the point to note is that these centers solely focus on surgical procedures and do not provide any diagnostic or clinical services.  monash-medical-centre

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